Chief Secretary Carrie Lam launched the two-month Keep Clean [email protected] Kong: Our Home Campaign today.

The drive aims to keep Hong Kong clean through the concerted efforts of the Government and the public in maintaining good personal, home and community hygiene.

Mrs Lam said keeping Hong Kong clean and tidy is not just a task for the Government.

“To achieve a clean Hong Kong, we need mutual co-operation among all sectors of the community and active participation of each and every citizen who treats Hong Kong as home.”

Eight bureaus, and 19 Government departments and public organisations will participate in the campaign. More than 90 events will be held across Hong Kong to improve environmental and home hygiene.

Participating bureaus and departments will also work closely with District Councils, owners’ corporations, mutual aid committees and community organisations to step up promotion and public education in a bid to encourage different sectors to participate actively in the campaign.

Government departments will study in depth ways to deal with some deep-seated environmental hygiene problems, such the hygiene conditions of the common areas of “three nil” buildings, private streets and rear lanes, shoreline refuse and illegal dumping of construction waste.