The purpose of installing the said CCTV system is to deter the act of throwing objects from height and restore public confidence in walking along the Mong Kok Pedestrian Precinct (MKPP). In general, the CCTV system is for monitoring purpose and YTMDC will not compile any information on the individual(s) being captured. Nevertheless, the images captured by the said CCTV system may be provided to the Police for investigation into incidents of attack from height, thus the recording of images by the CCTV system may constitute a collection of personal data bound by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486). Besides, parties authorized by the Yau Tsim Mong District Council (YTMDC) including relevant departments and maintenance staff may also have access to the images for system review and maintenance purpose.

The YTMDC has taken all practicable steps to ensure data security and to guard against unauthorized access to or use of the images captured by the CCTV system. These include :

The CCTV cameras operate automatically round-the-clock without the need for physical monitoring by designated persons.

The CCTV cameras are not directed at the windows of the private residential flats in the area. Their directions and resolution level are pre-set and remain unaltered unless directed otherwise by YTMDC pursuant to regular reviews of the location and perimeter view of the cameras.

The recorded images are stored in a hard disk placed in a locked cabinet and automatically erased after 14 days, unless the images are required for police investigation into incidents of attack from height.

If the hard disk components containing the recorded images would need to be discarded, all information stored therein will be erased to a non-recoverable state.

The YTMDC posts sufficient notices along Sai Yeung Choi Street South to inform the public that the area is under the surveillance of the CCTV system.

Recorded images will only be retrieved for the Police’s investigation into incidents of attack from height, under a set of prescribed procedures, upon approval of a vetting committee, comprising representatives from YTMDC and YTM District Office.

Enquiry hotline : 2399 2111

CCTV System For Mong Kok Pedestrian Precinct Operational Guidelines

Letter to Legislative Council

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